Who Will Benefit From Satellite Broadband?


Many people ask the question "is Satellite Broadband the right solution for me?" It's an important question and the answer depends on a number of factors.

To answer this, you have to consider what your options are. For many people in the Highlands who are close to towns or larger villages there is probably access to broadband internet of some kind.

In these cases, access speeds vary greatly and some places achieve only very slow speeds. If you run a 'speed test' on your system at various times of the day and it is consistently coming in as below 5 or 6 mbps then you should seriously consider Satellite Broadband internet.

Depending on your business or family needs even these slow speeds of 5 or 6 mbps will be woefully inadequate and in these cases, again, you should consider Satellite Broadband internet.

Many in the Highlands provide holiday accommodation and in this day and age giving guests access to the internet is an absolute must. Many hosts have lost bookings because they cannot provide an internet connection and if this sounds like you, then Satellite Broadband is a clear solution.

Many businesses operate from rural locations - crofts and farms, artist and craft studios, cafes, visitor attractions, etc, and the benefits of internet access are obvious. In the absence of a dependable land-line solution then Satellite Broadband is often the answer.

In short, anyone who requires use of the internet and who does not have a guaranteed service at the moment can answer 'yes' to the question 'is Satellite Broadband the right solution for me?'.

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