Frequently Asked Questions


What’s new?

Faster speeds

With speeds of up to 100 MBbps, and an average of 75 Mbps on our Max service, it’s like having fibre from the sky.

Unlimited usage

You can use the service without restrictions with no need for addons to boost your data allowance.

No up-front equipment charges

You rent the specialist satellite equipment for the duration of your contract. When you cancel, you simply need to send the router/modem back to Eutlesat, our service partner.

How long is the contract period?

The contract duration is 12 months.

How is the service unlimited?

All our packages are unlimited so you can use the service as much as you want. After you have used your priority data allowance (which varies by plan) you may experience a drop in speed during busy times but at other times you will not notice any difference.

Do I need to buy a wireless router?

No need - all our packages come with a WiFi router. If you require equipment to help pass the signal around your house, such as powerline adapters or WiFi access points, you provide and set these up yourself, or you can book our sister company Caledonian Computers to visit your home and set these up for you.

Can I stream video over satellite?

Yes. You can enjoy streaming video from the likes of YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. We do not guarantee any specific video quality and there may be occasions when the network is busy so you may experience buffering. At these times, we suggest streaming content at “standard” definition or alternatively download programmes to ensure you can enjoy your programmes buffer-free.

How can the service be “unlimited” when there are still priority data allowances?

Priority data gives customers a chunk of data that is prioritised above other network traffic (like the fast lane of a motorway) - something that only satellite offers. Once you have exceed your priority data allowance you fall in line with other users (in the other lanes).

At peak times you may experience a reduction in speed as more people are using the network at the same time. Priority data allowances reset at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle so you have the opportunity to get back into the fast lane. Other ADSL or 4G internet providers may stop their service or use traffic shaping to manage their accounts and restrict speed but we never will.

What are the “up to” and speed guarantees?

The speed of your service from Konnect, as with any ISP, is dependent on many factors including the number of people using the service, the quality of their WiFi connection, environmental factors (such as trees obstructing line of sight from your dish to the satellite) and hardware performance. Konnect regularly monitor speeds and within any given 24 hour period your average speed will be more than 50% of the advertised (up to) speed. This is compliant with Ofcom guidelines.

Do I own my equipment?

Our new packages include all the equipment you need to get connected so you just rent it for the duration of your contract. Please note that the equipment remains the property of Konnect, our satellite provider partner. Please note too that you will need to return your Router/Modem within 30 days of the end of your contract to avoid a charge of £220.

What does the unrestricted/ night time data refer to?

At off peak times (1.00 am to 6.00 am) you can benefit from prioritised, unlimited data usage with no restrictions. This could be particularly useful if you wish to either download large files or schedule the download of TV shows and movies overnight without eating into your monthly data allowance.

Can I use these satellite broadband packages for CCTV and VPNs?

To remotely use CCTV through your satellite broadband system you will need 'open ports' which require a 'static IP address'. You can add this to your package for only £5 extra per month. Please mention this when talking to us about your installation. VPN's can be accessed on any plan.

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