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It comes as no surprise to read that recent research by Which? Magazine found broadband in the West Highlands to be among the slowest available anywhere in the UK. Only Orkney and Shetland have slower average speeds.

For businesses and families in the Highlands fast internet is a requirement, not a luxury.

Our communities often have no banks, so we rely on internet banking; we have few shops so we rely on internet shopping; we do business with customers and clients far away from the Highlands so need to reach them by e-mail, Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype; our self-assessment tax returns have to be completed online; our vehicle tax is paid online; applying for government grants and subsidies is usually an online application process; and so much more too requires that we have a good and reliable internet connection, one that will not punish us financially because we live in the Highlands.

Now, thanks to satellite technology, that good and reliable fast internet connection is not just a possibility - it's a reality, and is being taken up by more and more business and families throughout the Highlands and further afield.

Forget whatever you thought you knew about satellite internet. These days it can deliver faster speeds, better value and more data than ever before, making satellite broadband the ideal internet solution for areas such as the Scottish Highlands where fixed-line fibre connections either aren’t available or where they are slow and unreliable.

Caledonian Satellite Broadband is working with our partner provider Konnect, run by Eutelsat, Europe's largest satellite provider to offer a range of packages that all come with no upfront equipment costs and superfast speeds.

Unlike the service offered by other providers, your connection will never be turned off, even when you have reached the data allowance specific to your plan.

What this means is that when the network is not busy and even if you’ve used up your Priority Data Allowance, nothing will happen to deny you internet access. During busy times you may experience slower speeds, but not loss of connection.

For all customers on any plan there is an un-metered service available when the system is less busy, between the hours of 1.00 am and 6.00 am. For these 5 hours every day all customers benefit from prioritised, unlimited data usage with no restrictions. This could be particularly useful if you wish to either download large files or schedule the download of TV shows and movies overnight without eating into your monthly data allowance.

We have three different packages to suit most needs and budgets, starting at only £29.99 per month.

Explore our pages to find out more and do not hesitate to get in touch to talk about your specific requirements, to raise any questions you may have, and to arrange installation.

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